How to Promote Yourself

Once you become ACE or ACE-I certified, you are granted limited license to use the ACE logo in your marketing materials.  

Logos - BCE, ACE and Certification Corporation
Logos are only available to ESA members, BCEs and ACEs. If you need a copy of the ACE, ACE-I, BCE, or ESA logo, please contact or


Template Press Releases and Marketing Letters

BCE Press Release Template
ACE Press Release Template
Template ACE Marketing Letter


Highlight your ACE certification

Once you have become an ACE, use this certification to your marketing advantage. We have a line of hats, polo shirts, and fleece vests that are sold exclusively to ACEs. Contact if you are interested.

Certification ad - 1/2 page
Certification ad - full page

PowerPoint Presentations
The BCE/ACE Program and You  
The ACE Program and You

If you would like brochures, applications, or additional materials to assist with promotion of the Certification programs, please contact,

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