ESA Member 2017 Dues Rates

We hope you consider joining ESA or renewing your membership for 2017.

Below are the approved dues for 2017 by membership category:

Regular Members: $146
President's Circle Members: $293
Family Members: $221
Honorary Members: $0
Emeritus Members: $74
Emeritus Gold Members: $37
Student Members: $37
Student Transition Members: $74
Early Professional Members: $110
Developing Country Members: $37

*All rates are in U.S. dollars and are valid through 12/31/2017.


How much are dues increasing for 2017?

Per the ESA Bylaws, dues will increase by 1.7%. This nominal increase results in a dues increase of $1 for student, student transitional and emeritus categories, $2 for early career and regular members, $3 for family membership, and $5 for President’s Circle membership.

When do these new dues rates take effect?

The above rates are valid for 2017 ESA membership. ESA membership runs on a calendar year from January 1 to December 31. Membership in ESA is always based on a calendar year regardless of when you join or renew.

What programs or services do dues pay for?

Some examples of new/expanded ESA programs and services in recent years:

  • ESA has eliminated page charges in ESA subscription journals for its members
  • ESA took over management of the Journal of Insect Science in 2015
  • ESA is growing its Science Policy Initiative, Science Policy Fellows Program, and Grand Challenge Agenda
  • ESA has established four new Early Career Professional awards, and provided $74,000 in awards for travel funding to students and early career professionals for ICE 2016
  • ESA has expanded its Student Volunteer program to provide opportunities for Student Transition and Early Professional members
  • ESA has expanded its professional development webinars
  • ESA's Annual Meeting provides childcare support
  • ESA took over management of the Entomological Foundation
  • ESA has launched a new responsive and engaging website
  • ESA is upgrading its Online Career Center (in development)
  • ESA will launch a new Insect Systematics and Diversity journal (Coming in 2017)
  • And, much more!
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