Collaborating on an Insects in Art and Culture Sessions during the Joint Annual Meeting

Many of us are working on symposium ideas, and it's possible we may come up with ideas that might overlap or be better to synthesize. To help potential organizers develop symposia or workshops that are diverse and include a mix of participants from the Canadian and American Societies, we have developed a Google Form that will be used to generate a dataset of potential speakers and workshop presenters, along with potential volunteer organizers. We emphasize "potential" because we want to make clear that filling out this form is not a guarantee of acceptance - instead this data will be shared with the self-identified organizers as a tool to identify potential speakers and collaborators that best align with their presentation or workshop goals. Those organizers will still need to write up a formal submission and submit by the February 28th deadline. 

As this is a new experiment on our part, we are limiting our solicitation here for pre-submission information to just those folks planning symposia focused on two areas: Insects as inspiration in art and Insects as inspiration in education, which are generally non-research areas (if this isn't you, please just submit a symposium as usual). We believe that research entomologists are largely aware of the people working in their field because of previous collaborations, symposia, and publications. However, for art and education, we suspect that there are many entomologists (or non-entomologists that use insects in their practice!) that are not aware of the broader community and that it's easy to become "silo'd" and unaware of all of the innovators. We hope by sending out this form through our societies and through a variety of social media platforms, we can generate a robust database that includes a wide range of participants. 

This Google Form will be available until January 30th and the data of aligned speakers will be sent to potential organizers (or groups of organizers) by February 7th, so organizers can prepare their submissions by the February 28th deadline. We encourage you to share this Google Form widely - not just with entomologists, but with those who work with insects in their practice.