Frequently Asked Questions for the Joint Annual Meeting

The 2022 Joint Annual Meeting will feature both in-person and virtual (on-demand) content. Learn more about the meeting format with the following frequently asked questions. 

To help you further understand the meeting format, here is a breakdown of the terms used:

  • In-Person/in Vancouver: Takes place in Vancouver at the Vancouver Convention Centre only.
  • On-Demand/Virtual: Pre-recorded (or pre-uploaded) presentations and posters/infographics are available to watch at any time beginning November 28, 2022-October 31, 2023.

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What can you expect at the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting?

The Joint Annual Meeting Program Committee is working to build an outstanding program, both in-person and virtually. The Joint Annual Meeting in Vancouver will combine four days of an in-person meeting with a full year of on-demand content available for all registrants to access from November 28, 2022 through October 31, 2023. Presenters may choose to present in Vancouver or upload a pre-record presentation to the on-demand platform.

What are the meeting dates and overall schedule for the meeting?

The 2022 Joint Annual Meeting will take place November 13-16 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. All plenary sessions and several symposia sessions will be recorded and made available to watch on-demand post-meeting. 

On-demand content will be available from November 28, 2022-October 31, 2023.

In-person registrants will have access to all in-person and on-demand content. Virtual registrants will have access to all on-demand content.

What kind of sessions/presentations will be featured on the livestream?

Sessions will not be livestreamed this year. However, all Plenary sessions and several symposia sessions will be recorded on-site in Vancouver and made available to watch on-demand beginning November 28, 2022.

Will there be an opportunity for Q&A with speakers of on-demand presentations?

Yes! We will be enabling a Q&A feature in the online program that will allow attendees to post their questions online. Presenters will be able to login and answer any questions or comments posted by attendees.

If I choose to present virtually, when will I have to upload my on-demand presentation or poster?

All speakers who have on-demand presentations (oral, poster, infographic) will be able to upload their presentation and record audio for their presentations online September 1-November 1. More information, including instructions on how to upload and record your presentation, will be made available in September.

If I'm a student and wanting to present at the Joint Annual meeting, do I have to participate in the student competition?

No, students have the option to submit to the regular 10-minute, poster and infographic instead of the student competition.  

I will be competing in the student competition. Where can I find the scoring criteria for this year’s competition?

You can find that information on the Student Competition for the President’s Prize webpage.

Are there any volunteer opportunities this year?

Yes! The Program Committee is need of volunteers to judge the student competition and moderate student competition and regular 10-minute paper sessions. Be sure to include your volunteer preferences when you register online for the meeting. Additional volunteer opportunities will be made available closer to the meeting, including those for students.

Why is ESA charging a registration fee for virtual attendees?

The virtual registration fee for the Joint Annual Meeting helps ESA, ESC, and ESBC cover the cost of the technology, licensing, and hosting fees required to securely and accessibly record and host on-demand content for this meeting. Virtual registrants will have full access to all on-demand content.

What safety precautions is ESA taking to mitigate COVID-19?

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