Pollinator Field Tour Agenda

Monday, August 13

Attendees arrive in Bismark, North Dakota.

Tuesday, August 14

Schulz Farm: The Bee Integrated Approach: Farmer-beekeeper collaboration on best practices for bee health. Baldwin, North Dakota.

U.S. Geological Station (USGS) Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center: Establishing and monitoring pollinator habitat. Jamestown, North Dakota.

Browning Honey Company, Inc.: Exploring a commercial honey production facility. Jamestown, North Dakota.

Overnight in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Wednesday, August 15

Browning Honey Company Apiary near Row Crop Farm: Interactions between bees and row crop production. Jamestown, North Dakota.

USDA-ARS Research Field: Breeding sunflowers for native pollinators and management of non-Apis bees. Casselton, North Dakota.

Attendees will be bussed to the airport in Fargo, North Dakota, where they will be able to fly home anytime after 2:00 PM. 

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