ESA's certification programs are managed by the Certification Board. Overall policy for the ESA's certification programs is set by the Certification Corporation Governing Board, but operational decisions are managed by the elected Certification Board. The Certification Board oversees the certification program, sets certification standards, and promotes the recognition of BCEs and ACEs. The Certification Board consists of a Director, Past Director, Director-Elect, and Representatives from the various BCE specialties, two Ad Hoc positions, plus two ACE Representatives. Each year the Director-Elect moves to the Director's position, and the Director moves to the Past-Director position. The Certification Board, which meets quarterly, also supervises a number of committees which perform many of the administrative functions of the programs.

The Board is assisted by a host of committees who handle some of the many tasks associated with the Certification programs. The committees and their current chairs are listed below. 

  • BCE Examining Committee (Chair: Shripat Kamble)
  • BCE Awards Committee (Chair: Director-Elect)
  • PM&C Review Committee (Chair: as apppointed)

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