Exam Information

Studying for the PHE Certificate Exam

Test overview

The examination is "closed book", online, and administered by a proctor who remains in the room during the test. It consists of 150 multiple-choice and true-false questions and should be taken in one sitting of 3-hours or less. Once a date is set for your exam, that should be communicated to phe@entocert.org. Exams for the coming week are scheduled every Wednesday and instructions are sent to the proctor and applicant at that time. The test covers material from the Content Outline.  The exam is rigorous by design. The Certification Board feels that applicants, regardless of how long they have been in the industry, should prepare for the exam with a minimum of 40 hours of self-study prior to attempting the exam.

ESA recommends studying with IPM for the Urban Professional.

General guidelines

The PHE Certificate examination is designed to recognize practicing pest management and vector control professionals who have a solid grasp of the practical aspects of applied entomology. The major categories of competency covered by the exam include these four areas:

  • Inspection and Identification (45% of the exam)
  • Monitoring (12% of the exam)
  • Selection and Implementation of Control Methods (28% of the exam)
  • Evaluation (15% of the exam)

Content Outline

The content outline is the four Domains broken into a series of Skills and Tasks. It is more detailed information on the types of materials covered in the examination.

After the Exam

The exam is scored immediately by the testing software and an unofficial score is sent to the applicant. A final score follows within a week. Passing score is 75%.

Those who pass will be emailed instructions on claiming their Digital Certificate. Those who did not pass may retake the exam without reapplying to the program by waiting at least 30 days but not more than one year. The retest form will be provided with the final score and should be sent back to phe@entocert.org

PHE Certificate applications are valid until the applicant passes the exam.