Certified IPM Technician

The Certified IPM Technician (CIT) is ESA's newest credential for the pest management industry.  The CIT is geared towards those professionals with one to four years of experience in Pest Control and there is no licensing requirement beyond being qualified to apply pesticides in the jurisdiction you work in.  

Since the credential is geared towards those with less experience, it will focus primarily on IPM procedures related to the most common household pests.  A full overview of the content outline can be found here


Please note, CIT is a brand new program- if your question isn't listed here, please reach out to CIT@entsoc.org

Why does ESA conduct a Certification Program?

Consumers seek experts for their pest management needs, but choosing a contractor can be confusing. The CIT program makes IPM-based credentialing possible for those just starting out in the pest control industry. The voluntary CIT credentialing program allows industry professionals a way to differentiate themselves from their competition.

Why should I become CIT Certified?

Many organizations (schools, multi-unit housing complexes, hospitals, government agencies, factories, homeless shelters, restaurants and food warehouses, etc) require independent certification for their contractors. Having a CIT certified professional on staff can give you/your company the edge it needs to compete successfully with other pest control providers. In addition, employees who are just starting out in pest control will benefit from an increased sense of pride and accomplishment when they achieve certification.

What are the benefits of CIT Certification?

In addition to the pride of professionalism earned by CITs, there are some tangible benefits that allow these certified individuals to promote their accomplishment. Upon passing their exam, CITs are sent a link to a digital credential with which they can display their achievement. They earn the right to display the letters CIT after their name (e.g., John Doe, CIT) and to begin to promote themselves as an "Certified IPM Technician" by using those words or the CIT logo in their promotional advertisements (employers can use the logo as long as they have one or more CIT on their full time staff). CITs get discounts on ESA meeting registrations and, upon request, receive assistance with reviewing submitted copy for electronic or print advertisements to help promote their certification.

Who can become an CIT?

Anyone can become an CIT, as long as they have a minimum of 1 year of verifiable pest management experience, the ability to apply restricted use pesticides in their jurisdiction, and the ability to pass a test on IPM knowledge.

How do I prepare for the CIT exam?

This is not an exam that you can cram for. CIT tests a wide body of knowledge and applicants should prepare to spend a minimum of 40 hours of self-preparation no matter how long they have been in the industry. It is designed to test practicing pest management professionals on the practical aspects of IPM. A set of topics on which the examination can be found here. In addition, our website provides a list of suggested references. Review classes may also be available in your area.