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Choosing a Board Certified Entomologisty, Associate Certified Entomologist, or Public Health Entomology Certificate holder provides you with the peace of mind that you are getting a professional who stays current in their field and on top of the latest research and insect science.

Many times the work that entomologists do goes unnoticed by the general public. Entomologists work with agricultural specialists to increase crop yields, they work with building inspectors to help them identify the different species of termites, each of which might have a different recommendation for treatment. Like any profession, though, when a person needs to talk to an expert, they want to be sure they have a reliable source. That is part of the reason for the certification program. Certification is a means to facilitate process of verifying the credentials for a practicing entomologist. 

The Entomological Society of America operates three credential programs to validate entomological knowledge: 

Board Certified Entomologists (BCEs) are those who have passed at least two rigorous examinations to test their knowledge and are specialized in one or more areas of entomology. Generally, the BCE is more likely to have received formalized education in entomology, including a PhD in many cases. BCEs agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior and meet a minimum number of education requirements on an annual basis.

Associate Certified Entomologists (ACEs) are those who have passed at least one rigorous examination to test their knowledge. They generally specialize in pest control. ACEs also agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior, and – as part of their certification renewal process – must annually provide a copy of their current pesticide applicator's license.

Public Health Entomology (PHE) Certificate Holders are those who have passed a rigorous examination to test their knowledge specialized in insects that can vector disease or cause adverse medical events such as venomous spiders. PHEs also agree to ascribe to a code of ethical behavior.