Application Process

The BCE is the most respected professional credential in entomology and will help you stand out from the crowded field of colleagues. The application procedure is as follows:

  1. Apply. Fill out the PDF application and submit it with all of the required materials to Be sure to select at least one specialty.
  2. Review. Your application will be reviewed by the Chair of the Examining Committee. You will hear within just a few days of receipt if your application was accepted or not.
  3. Select a proctor. This is the person who will administer the exams to you and to whom ESA will send your testing instructions. 
  4. Schedule your exam. The test must be taken within 365 days of making application. Please make sure to give at least 10 days' notice to ESA staff when scheduling your exam 
  5. Take your exams.

While most applicants apply for BCE-Full, there are two alternative options which modify the requirements. Click here to learn more about BCE-Intern and BCE-Administrative status.