Application Process

Completing Your Application

  • Ensure you have all documents (two letters of reference, resume) in digital format (e.g,. PDF, .DOC, .JPEG) ready to upload. 
  • Go to the account creation page and create a log-in. PLEASE NOTE: You might already have an account associated with your email address from previously purchasing a book, or other item; if you do, the system will notify you and you can click here to get a password reset email sent to you. 
  • If this is your first time logging in, at the bottom of the page, you will see the text "Submit/Review My CIT Application." If you've logged in previously, you will see a tile for the CIT application link. From there, follow the instructions within the application itself. 
  •  Once your application is submitted and reviewed by a staff member, you will get a system generated email indicating that your application has been approved. From this date you have one year to take the exam and three years to pass it.
    • Application fee includes first attempt at the exam and any subsequent retakes within the alloted window. 
    • Passing the exam makes the applicant a CIT until the end of the initial 1-year period (ex: if you pass the exam in January- September, your certification is valid until the end of that year, if you pass in October-December, it will be valid through the remainder of the year plus following year)
  • Application fee is $95 ($70 for ESA members)

Selecting a Proctor & Scheduling Your Exam

  • If you did not indicate a proctor and exam date on your application, you will need to select a proctor for your exam. Work with your proctor to set an exam date and notify with the date & proctor information. 
  • About one week prior to your exam, ESA will send examination instructions to your proctor.