Apply to become a BCE Emeritus

By submitting the information below, you are certifying that you have:

1) Been a BCE for the past 10 consecutive years, and

2) Are no longer practicing as a BCE and want to change to Emeritus status.

If either of the above is not true, please stop now. Otherwise, to retire from active service as a BCE:

  1. An applicant must notify headquarters of their desire via the online form below, or by otherwise conveying this same information to headquarters.
  2. Headquarters makes a note of this desire and will submit this request to the Certification Board on a quarterly basis.
  3. The Certification Board will vote on whether or not to accept this request.
  4. If accepted, headquarters will contact the applicant and convey this information.
  5. If not accepted, the BCEs status would remain unchanged.
  6. Should the BCE ever come out of retirement and return to active service again, all that is required is submitting a completed PM&C report and payment of the current fees.

To request a change in status from "BCE-active" to "BCE-Emeritus", please complete the following:

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