Thomas Say Publications in Entomology









The Thomas Say Publications in Entomology include book-length manuscripts on all aspects of entomology. They offer some of the most comprehensive information and research on the topics they cover. The series is divided into the following works:

  • Monographs are taxonomic works.
  • Proceedings are collections of entomological papers delivered at symposia sponsored by ESA or by other scientific societies.
  • Memoirs are works on any other topics in entomology.

Online Access to the Thomas Say Series

All of the Thomas Say books are available online via BioOne. Members will have free access to these titles beginning in January 2024. Quotes for library subscriptions may be obtained online, or by contacting Christine Orr, BioOne Director of Sales & Community Outreach,

Ordering Print Books

Thomas Say books can be purchased via the ESA Store or by contacting us at Orders can take up to 3 weeks to be received for domestic orders and considerably longer for overseas orders.

Information for Contributors

Authors or editors interested in submitting a book proposal should contact Proposals to the Thomas Say book series should use this proposal form. Book proposals will be evaluated by the Books editor-in-chief and Books Editorial Board. A limited amount of funding is available for Thomas Say monographs. Authors or editors of Thomas Say proceedings and memoirs will need to provide funding.