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In cooperation with the Entomological Foundation, ESA publishes the Thomas Say Publications in Entomology series of books. These titles include book-length manuscripts on all aspects of entomology and offer some of the most comprehensive information and research on the topics they cover. The Thomas Say Publications series is divided into the following works:

Monographs are taxonomic works.

Proceedings are collections of entomological papers delivered at symposia sponsored by ESA or by other scientific societies.

Memoirs are works on any other topics in entomology.


Daniel Whitmore
Entomology, Diptera
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart
Rosenstein 1
70191 Stuttgart
T +49 (0) 711 89 36 - 215

Editorial Board:

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Information for Contributors

Interested authors must first complete the Thomas Say Book Prospectus Form and submit it to ESA for consideration. The prospectus will be evaluated by the Thomas Say Editor, Editorial Board, and ESA staff. Funding, through the Thomas Say Fund, is limited for Monographs, and ESA no longer publishes Proceedings or Memoirs unless the author or editors can provide funding. Contact for more information.