Entomological Society of America Donation Opportunities

ESA offers a variety of funds that allow you to target specific program areas with your financial contributions. Additional resources are available for those interested in planned giving or lasting legacy contributions. 

Here is a list of funds followed by their descriptions:


General Fund
Monies submitted to the general fund are used to support the day-to-day operations of the Society, including annual meeting and publications activities, science communication, awards, and more. 

Chrysalis Fund
The Chrysalis Fund supports insect education efforts in classrooms, thereby helping to expand the public appreciation of insects and fostering the next generation of entomologists. Distributions from the fund are managed by ESA’s Education and Outreach Committee, which chooses the grant winners each year. Teachers and educators with impactful and creative ideas for insect-themed programs or projects are encouraged to apply for funding.

ESA-Ramaswamy Science Advocacy Policy Fund
The ESA-Ramaswamy Science Advocacy Program Fund is used to support and expand ESA's efforts to connect entomologists with policymakers in Washington, DC. The fund was launched in 2023 by ESA Fellow (2005) and Honorary Member (2019) Sonny Ramaswamy and his wife Gita.

Certification ACE/BCE Program
This fund offsets operational costs in the credentialing of the ACE & BCE certification programs

SysEB Student Research Endowment
The SysEB Student Research Endowment is a permanent endowment that provides research-enhancement awards for graduate and undergraduate students who are members in good standing of the Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) Section of ESA. Awards are made annually through a competitive, proposal-based process managed by the SysEB Section leadership.

McPherson Student Biodiversity Award Endowment
This fund supports the J. E. and Jean M. McPherson Entomology Undergraduate and Graduate Student Biodiversity Awards, which supports research in a multitude of biodiversity fields, particularly non-taxonomic studies. 

Southeastern Branch Student Registration Fund
This fund supports Southeastern Branch Student Registration Scholarships, which are offered to undergraduate or graduate students performing research or extension/outreach work in the field of entomology so that they can present their work at the ESA Southeastern Branch Meeting.