Handbook of Turfgrass Insect Pests, Second Edition




Edited by Rick Brandenburg and Callie Freeman, the highly anticipated second edition of the best-selling Handbook of Turfgrass Insects contains the most current, thorough, and practical information covering all aspects of turfgrass insect management in a streamlined format. All major insect pests and mites of warm- and cool-season turfgrasses in the United States are addressed. Extensive use of color photos of various insects and the turf damage they cause along with illustrations of insect life stages in their actual size, life cycle charts, and distribution maps aid in accurate identification, diagnostics, and management.

Item #: ESATURF2
ISBN: 978-0-9776209-4-4
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Thomas Say Publications in Entomology








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In cooperation with the Entomological Foundation, ESA publishes the Thomas Say Publications in Entomology series of books. These titles include book-length manuscripts on all aspects of entomology and offer some of the most comprehensive information and research on the topics they cover. The Thomas Say Publications series is divided into the following works:

Monographs are taxonomic works.

Proceedings are collections of entomological papers delivered at symposia sponsored by ESA or by other scientific societies.

Memoirs are works on any other topics in entomology.


Daniel Whitmore
Entomology, Diptera
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart
Rosenstein 1
70191 Stuttgart
T +49 (0) 711 89 36 - 215

Editorial Board:

Please click here for the current Thomas Say Publications Editorial Board.

Information for Contributors

Interested authors must first complete the Thomas Say Book Prospectus Form and submit it to ESA for consideration. The prospectus will be evaluated by the Thomas Say Editor, Editorial Board, and ESA staff. Funding, through the Thomas Say Fund, is limited for Monographs, and ESA no longer publishes Proceedings or Memoirs unless the author or editors can provide funding. Contact for more information.



This comprehensive handbook covers (1) the principles for proper use of insecticides, acaricides, and transgenic crops, (2) all of the major insecticides and acaricides in use today, with details on chemistry, toxicology, and general uses, and (3) insecticidal transgenic crops.

This book will be a must-reference for anyone working in insect pest management as well as a basic text for students of the field. Edited by J. All and M. Treacy.(Estimated) 152 pages with index, 78 photos, figures, and tables.

Item #: MIATC
ISBN: 0-938522-74-4
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Handbook of Corn Insects




This handbook outlines fundamental approaches to corn insect pest management that can aid in reducing crop damage and loss. With contributions from 73 experts, it provides detailed descriptions of topics including insect identification, life-history data, and management options. This comprehensive guide includes discussions on corn ecology and physiology; corn insect pests, predators and parasitoids; and corn pest management procedures. Includes 158 color photographs, 132 illustrations, a directory of local information, and a glossary. Edited by K. Steffey, M. Rice, J. All, D. Andow, M. Gray, J. Van Duyn. 174 pp. 1999.

ISBN: 0-938522-76-0
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Handbook of Forage and Rangeland Insects



Forage and rangeland crops harbor a wide variety of injurious and beneficial arthropods. This new handbook will help individuals to identify these arthropods and to outline methods for their management. The book covers forage and rangeland crops in the United States and Canada. Edited by W. Lamp, R. Berberet, L. Higley, and C. Baird. (Estimated) 168 pages with index, 254 photos and maps, plus insect identification keys and illustrations.
March 2007

Item #: FORAGE
ISBN: 0-9776209-0-5
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