Section Governance

The Governing Council of each Section consists of elected officers to include: President, Vice President, Vice President-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, and Representative to the Governing Board of The Society. Section Governing Councils may identify and appoint additional members, including a Secretary of the Section. Section officers are elected by members of The Society who are on record as belonging to that Section in a ballot provided concurrently with the election for officers of The Society.

SysEB Student Research Endowment Donors

The Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiveristy (SysEB) Section leaders would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to the SysEB Student Research Endowment. This permanent endowment helps provide research enhancement awards for graduate and undergraduate students who are active members of ESA and SysEB Section. 

Frequently Asked Questions for the Invasive Species Security Field Tour

Why is this a good time to host a tour on Invasive Species?

Invasive insect species from all over the world arrive regularly at US ports of entry, posing potentially disastrous consequences for agriculture, forestry, and human and animal health. The economic impact is estimated at over $30 billion annually, due to crop losses and mitigation costs! This spring, the US Department of Agriculture appropriated $17.5 mio for the eradication of the spotted lanternfly in PA.

Registration Policies for the Invasive Species Security Field Tour

  • Registration and payment will be completed via a secured link with use of a credit card. 
  • Registration cost is $645 per person.
    • Registration includes hotel reservations for 2 nights, welcome reception, all meals, shuttle to/from airport, bus transportation, all fees and admissions.
    • Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including cost of airfare, train, ground transportation.
    • Registration fees are non-refundable unless your slot can be filled by another applicant.