2022 Eastern Branch Summer Meeting

Join us for EntoQuest 2022!

Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center
September 9-11, 2022
Front Royal, Virginia

Over the last year, the idea of a summer meeting of the Eastern Branch was conceived to complement the annual Branch meeting in early spring as a way to provide a more informal setting for interactions among members within a natural setting. A committee was formed to develop the idea, and our first summer meeting will be held in northern Virginia over the second weekend in September, 2022, at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center near Front Royal. The Center will provide food and lodging from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, and will support a number of activities inside and outside. Our goal is to bring entomologists together, young and old, to share our science and to provide learning (and collecting) opportunities in the field. We hope that the meeting will continue into the future at other field-oriented locations across the Branch.

It is interesting to note that the idea of summer meetings is, in fact, not new. Our founding entomologists, the “Northeast Entomologists,” met each summer during the 1920’s to share their findings and research practices. When they joined the national Association of American Economic Entomologists (which merged with the Entomological Society of America in 1954) in 1929, they had to give up their summer meetings and wrote in their business meeting minutes, “the desirability of a summer meeting was discussed and it seemed to be the general opinion that such a session should be a leisurely one, with ample time for discussion, in beautiful surroundings.“ Our meeting in September will briefly reflect on the wisdom of those members.

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