SysEB Student Research Endowment Donors

The Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiveristy (SysEB) Section leaders would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to the SysEB Student Research Endowment. This permanent endowment helps provide research enhancement awards for graduate and undergraduate students who are active members of ESA and SysEB Section. 

2016 Donors

Antonie Barreaux Jennifer Graham Michael Sharkey
Amy Berkov John Heraty Derek Sikes
Richard Brown Jo-anne C. Holley Coleopterists Society
Peter Cranston James Johnson Maria Alma Solis
Franklyn Davis Lidia Komondy Margaret Thayer
Ralph DeWalt Caitlin C. Krueger Douglass R. Miller Trust
Frank Etzler Ryan A. St. Laurent Richard Vineyard
Michael Ferro Michael May Alex Wild
David Furth Douglass Miller  

2015 Donors

Veenu Aishwarya Michael Ivie Derek Sikes
Peter Cranston James B. Johnson Eric Smith
Bryan N. Danforth Andre Lage Perez Coleopterists Society
Rebecca Anne Devine Mark K.H. Leong Alma Solis
Jacob I. Dixon Douglass R. Miller Hojun Song
Carol Von Dohlen Jacqueline Y. Miller Adrian Troya
David Furth Emel Oren Richard Vineyard
Jon K. Gelhaus Deb Paul Christine Weirauch
Paul Goldstein Victoria M. Rottman James Whitfield
John Heraty Gregory P. Setliff Guanyang Zhang
Edward Hertz Barbara J. Sharanowski  

2014 Donors

Michael Branstetter Shared Vision Charitable Foundation Margaret Thayer
Peter Cranston Floyd Shockley Richard Vineyard
John Heraty Derek Sikes Phil Ward
Bonnie J. Irwin Eric Smith Richard Zack
Michael Ivie Alma Solis  

2013 Donors

David Furth John Longino Isabella Vea
John Heraty Charles H. Pickett Christine Weirauch
Michael & LaSonne Ivie Derek Sikes James B. Whitfield
James B. Johnson Becky Simmons Guanyang Zhang
John Leavengood Alma Solis  

2012 Donors

Richard Brown Michael Ivie John Oswald
David Furth John Longino Thomas Rogers*
John Heraty John Morse Alma Solis
*The Systemactics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Section would like to especially recognize Thomas Rogers whose generous donation of $25,000 during the first year kick-started and made the endowment possible.
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