Program Enhancement Funds

ESA provides funds for program enhancement as an incentive to attract speakers for the Annual Meeting, thereby improving meeting content and attendance. Program Enhancement Funds (PEF) are used to enhance the educational content of the Annual Meeting program and have certain restrictions on their use, as detailed below.

Annual Meeting Childcare Grants

ESA is providing caregiver grants to ensure that our members who are responsible for providing care to children, grandchildren, parents or others are able to attend the Annual Meeting. These awards are up to $400 and are related to extra expenses incurred when a caregiver attending the Annual Meeting.  

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Frequently Asked Questions for Entomology 2023

Entomology 2023 will feature both in-person and on-demand (virtual) content. Learn more about the meeting format with the following frequently asked questions. 

To help you further understand the meeting format, here is a breakdown of the terms used: