Tips for Hosting a Successful Panel Discussion

  1. Pick a Panel Theme: Identify the theme you want to focus on for the panel. Is there a specific topic you want the panel to discuss? Do you want to focus on educating people? Or having an open discussion? Or describing experiences? The more direction you have, the easier it will be to lead the discussion.
  2. Determine Panel Style: Determine the style of panel you want – do you want it to be more audience-forward with a Q&A session from the audience?

Plenary Session - Wednesday, November 16

Three Brothers in Biology: Bugs, Birds, Books, Conservation, and Politics 

The Cannings brothers – Rob, Syd, and Dick – have a long history as biologists in Canada. Growing up in the diverse habitats of British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley, they immersed themselves in birds and insects, botany and geology. Their careers have taken them all over the world but their hearts are in Canada, where they have worked in nature interpretation, parks development, museum collections and research, conservation biology and, in Dick’s case, even national politics.

Plenary Session - Monday, November 14

This plenary session will provide diverse and international Indigenous perspectives relevant to modern scientific inquiry and will include an open reading by poet and evolutionary biologist Brandon Kilbourne.

Michael Blackstock will present “Blue Ecology: climate change from an Indigenous water perspective". Michael is an Independent Indigenous Scholar from the Gitxsan Nation who will share Elder's teachings on water, and how that knowledge can provide a fresh perspective on climate change.