The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is committed to fostering an inclusive environment at its Annual Meeting, ensuring accessibility for all attendees, speakers, and guests.

To enhance this commitment, individuals with specific needs are encouraged to communicate their requirements by contacting Rosina Romano. Attendees who travel with an aide or personal assistant are able to register those individuals as a complimentary guest. Contact Rosina Romano for additional information.

Phoenix Convention Center:
The Phoenix Convention Center (PCC) is an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant facility.  The PCC works with event organizers to provide reasonable accommodations for all guests. For reasonable accommodations requests, please call 602-262-6225 or TTY 602-495-5048 at least 48 hours prior to your visit. Visit for information about Federal ADA guidelines.​

Alternative Program Formats:
ESA is happy to provide braille, large print and/or audio program books by request. Please respond by November 1 if you need an alternative program book for the meeting. This will allow us enough time to have one prepared for you. 

Assistive Listening Devices:
Assistive Listening Devices to enhance audio speech are available for all plenary and scientific sessions. To request a hearing device to amplify sound, contactRosina Romano. You will need to provide your onsite schedule so that devices can be set up in advance in each of the meeting rooms.

Hotel Accommodations:
Each of the hotels within the ESA hotel block offer a variety of accessible hotel room options to fit your needs. If you need help in securing an accessible room, contact Rosina Romano.

Lactation Room: 
We are thrilled to offer private and secure space for nursing parents, aligning with Arizona law that protects nursing in public. Our dedicated Lactation Room (2024 location coming) provides a comfortable haven equipped with mini fridges for storage. ESA values the needs of nursing parents, ensuring they can fully engage in the meeting while enjoying convenient and accommodating facilities. 

Sensory Room: 
This room is designed to provide a comfortable and calming space for individuals who may need a break from the sensory stimuli of a busy event. This room is equipped with features that cater to various sensory needs, promoting relaxation and reducing sensory overload.  (2024 location coming)

Service Animals: 
Service animals are welcome in all facilities for the ESA meeting. 

Sign Language Interpreters: 
Sign language interpreters can be provided upon advance request. To facilitate a seamless arrangement, please notify us by October 20 if you require an interpreter during the meeting. We are happy to collaborate on a schedule tailored to your scientific and social agenda throughout the event. Early notification enables us to ensure coverage for all your desired activities. While ESA will make every effort to accommodate requests after October 15, we cannot guarantee availability. On-site interpreter requests without prior notice cannot be guaranteed. If you prefer to bring your own interpreter, contact Rosina Romano for assistance in coordinating access to the program. 

Scooter & Wheelchair Rentals:
If you prefer the option of renting a mobility scooter or wheelchair, you can arrange for rental and delivery services through One Stop Mobility. This flexibility aims to accommodate your individual needs, providing you with the necessary support to fully enjoy the ESA meeting.

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