New Technologies and Their Use in Entomology

Program Chair: Julien Saguez

In the last decades, new tools and technologies have been developed to improve our day-to-day but also the understanding, the monitoring and the management of insects at different level. For examples, automated traps, computer vision, acoustic monitoring or radars, often associated with artificial intelligence, have been created and are useful to provide forecasting models and to predict insect migrations. Artificial intelligence is also used to develop new apps for mobile devices that recognize insects on pictures. In other cases, unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones, are effective tools to monitor insect pests but are also integrated in IPM programs to release beneficial insects or biopesticides to manage insect pests and vectors in large areas or in regions difficult to access. At a molecular level, using omics approaches, new tools and technologies have also been developed to shortly detect and identify species (eg. at the international borders) and can be used to validate the phylogeny of the species at taxonomical level. Here are some examples on how technologies are used in entomology and how they provide unprecedented opportunities, but this list is not exhaustive and you are invited to present other research projects associated with this topic.

Plenary Speakers

Richard Hamelin, University of British Columbia, Canada

José Roberto Postali Parra, University of São Paulo, Brazil

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