Program Chairs: Hélène Audusseau

Urban ecology has become a central research field in ecology, probably in part because the urban environment has been identified as one of the main threats to biodiversity. This session aims to give a broad overview of current research in urban entomology at different scales (e.g. in population genetics, on physiological adaptations, or community assembly), in order to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the presence or absence and persistence of (certain) species in cities. In this context, as temperature is a major driver of fitness for many ectothermic species, a focus will be given on the impact of urban climate.

Plenary Speakers

Elena Piano, researcher with a temporary position, Department of Life Sciences and System Biology, University of Torino, Italy

Palatty Allesh Sinu, assistant Professor, department of Zoology, Central University of Kerala, India

Sami Kivelä, Academy research fellow, Ecology and Genetics Research unit, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland

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