Southwestern Branch Meetings

Year Dates Location Program
2023* April 16-19 Oklahoma City, OK Website
2022 April 18-21 Ft. Worth, TX Online Program
2021 June 28-29 Virtual Online Program
2020** March 15-18 Virtual Program Book 
Online Program
2019 April 14-18 Tulsa, OK Program Book
Online Program
Meeting Photos
2018 March 25-29 Albuquerque, NM Program Book
Online Program
2017 April 9-13 Austin, TX Program Book
Online Program
2016 February 21-25 Tyler, TX Program Book
Online Program
2015 February 23-26 Tulsa, OK Program Book
Online Program
Insect Expo Photos
2014 February 24-27 San Antonio, TX Program Book
Online Program
Meeting Photos
2013 February 25-28 Las Cruces, NM Program Book
Online Program
2012*** March 3-8 Little Rock, AR Program Book
Online Program
2011 March 7-10 Amarillo, TX Program Book
2010 April 11-14 Cancun, Mexico Program Book
2009 February 23-26 Stillwater, OK  
2008 February 23-26 Fort Worth, TX Program Book
2007 February 19-22 Corpus Christi, TX Program Book
2006 February 27-March 1 Austin, TX Program Book
2005 February 28-March 2 Albuquerque, NM  
2004 February 24-27 Lubbock, TX Program Book
2003 February 24-27 Oklahoma City, OK Program Book
2002 February 24-27 Guanajuato, Mexico  
*Joint Meeting with the North Central Branch
**Joint Meeting with North Central Branch; Meeting postponed; Student competition held virtually
***Joint Meeting with the Southeastern Branch
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