Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at ESA


The Entomological Society of America (ESA) began its journey to create a more inclusive society in 1989. The journey continues today. While we have made progress, we are aware of the continuing challenges we face. ESA recognizes that a thoughtful strategic plan—with qualitative and quantitative markers, transparency, accountability, and a long-term commitment—is required to reach our DEI goals.  

ESA Committee Vacancies

ESA is soliciting volunteers for the committee vacancies listed below. Members interested in serving in one or more of these capacities should contact their Branch or Section leaders.

It is recommended you contact your Branch or Section leaders as soon as possible as all committee appointments will be confirmed no later than October 31.


ESA Committees conduct important business functions for the Society. Three committees—Finance, Audit, and Ethics and Rules—are defined as Standing Committees in the ESA Bylaws, while all other committees are established by policy of the ESA Governing Board and outlined in the Society Policy Manual. Unless otherwise indicated, members of Committees serve for terms of three years each. Terms commence at the close of the Annual Meeting of the Society and are arranged so that approximately one-third will expire each year.

Early Career News & Spotlights

ESA has an active and engaged early career membership. Learn about committee activities and important programs and services, and meet our spotlighted members below.

ESA Member 2017 Dues Rates

We hope you consider joining ESA or renewing your membership for 2017.

Below are the approved dues for 2017 by membership category:

General Responsibilities for Committee, Judging Panel and Editorial Board Members

The information below provides a general idea of the purpose of select ESA committees, judging panels and editorial boards, including term served, involvement level of participants, and main responsibilities of its members. Each year the ESA president provides all standing committees with specific charges. Depending on the specific charge for the committee, the requirements below and involvement level of participants may change.

ESA Honorary Members

Below is an alphabetical list of all current and deceased ESA Honorary Members. The year this honor was bestowed is provided where available.

ESA Sections

ESA membership is organized by four subject matter-oriented Sections which offer members opportunities to network and interact with others sharing their specific interests. ESA membership automatically includes membership in one Section; members may join additional sections for a small fee. Wondering why you should join a section?