Webinar: PHEFA Preliminary Evaluation Findings

Rockman et al Cooperative (REA), external evaluators for PHEFA, will host a webinar for PHEFA project staff, program facilitators, and mentors. The purpose of this webinar is to share preliminary evaluation findings in a more interactive and participatory format. REA will provide an overview of the evaluation design and highlight how the PHEFA program offerings impacted participants thus far. Webinar attendees will be invited to ask questions, validate findings, identify any surprising findings, and also be encouraged to share their own programmatic experiences. We will also discuss and share any information, resources, or methods project staff, facilitators, and mentors utilized to make PHEFA's initiatives more successful and lessons learned that may help inform 2024 planning.

ECP Career Track Webinar: Non-Profit/NGO

A webinar track for ESA ECP careers in non-profit/non-government organizations (NGO) webinar featuring Dr. Melinda Rostal (EcoHealth Alliance), Grace Kunkel (Project Apis mellifera), and Dr. Andrew Golnar (Science Philanthropy Alliance)

Learn from the hiring managers: Preparing application materials for industry careers

Without access to professional development opportunities for non-academic roles, particularly industry jobs, graduate students, and early career professionals (ECPs) may not be adequately prepared for successful job searches, job applications, and networking in the industry sector. The goal of this is to provide participants with the tools to create an effective and streamlined CV/resume for industry positions and learn it directly from industry hiring managers.

Learn about Public Health Entomology Internships and Fellowships

ESA and CDC have partnered to provide internships and fellowships to students and graduates of Minority Serving Institutions who are interested in Public Health Entomology. Attend this webinar to learn more about Public Health Entomology for All (PHEFA) internships and fellowships. Selected interns and fellows will work at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Fort Collins, or San Juan.