Application Process

The ACE-I application includes one attempt at both of the exams. Passing score is 75% and applicants must pass both exams to become ACE-International certified. If retesting is required applicants must wait at least 30 days from the date of application but not more than one year. Retesting is scheduled via the retesting form. 

All exams are "closed book" and are delivered in a proctored setting. Click here to learn more about exam proctors. Applicants are not allowed to bring notes, books, or smart phones to the exam. The only outside materials which are permitted during the exams are a writing utensil, a single sheet of blank paper (which must be remitted to the exam proctor and destroyed at the end of the exam), and a simple calculator (no programmable calculators or smart phones allowed).

You can take a sample ACE exam. This will give you a better understanding of the types of questions asked and your overall preparedness for the exam. The sample exam can be viewed here:

The application process is now fully online, more info can be found here

Application Fee

All ACE fees are the same as they are for the US version of ACE and all fee rules apply. Discounts are available to those who are also members of the Entomological Society of America (ESA). 

  • Application:  $395 (non-ESA members) | $355 (ESA members)
  • Retesting:  $75 (non-ESA members)  |  $50 (ESA members)
  • Renewal:  $375 (non-ESA members)  |  $295 (ESA members)

Applicants have the option to purchase ACE study materials on the application. For international applicants, additional book shipping fees will apply. Payment is in US funds only. ESA can accept

  • Checks
  • Credit cards (AmEx, Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Paypal (contact the ESA Finance Department for details)
  • Wires

If wiring funds, add $15 in addition to any fees charged by your bank. Please reach out for more information. 

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