Renewal Requirements

During renewal, ACE-I's must:

  1. Sign a document stipulating adherence to the ACE Code of Ethics
  2. Pay the requisite fees. See the ACE fees below.
  3. Document a minimum of 18 CEUs earned during the prior 3-year period. See table of eligible CEUs.

Renewal Fee is $375 (ESA members save $80)

Renew your ACE for 2022-2024 by mail.

Renew your ACE for 2022-2024 online.


ACE CEU Credits:
ACEs must submit Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every time they renew. In many cases these are the same credits that you would submit to your state or regional governing body to renew your applicator's license. 

Current rules are that ACEs must submit a minimum of 18 CEUs that were earned in the three years prior to renewal. For example, if you are renewing for the years 2019-2021, your CEUs would have been earned in the years 2016-2018.


Click here to access the PDF of the ACE renewal form and submit it to the address below.

Entomological Society of America
Attention: Certification Department
170 Jennifer Rd., Suite 230
Annapolis, MD 21401-7995 USA
301-731-4535, x3026 or


ACE Inactive Status
ACE-Inactive is designed for individuals temporarily taking a break from the industry and not actively using the credential. At the direction of the Certification Board, an Associate Certified Entomologist may be placed on Inactive Status because of professional unemployment, family/personal issues or health related problems. An individual may remain on inactive status for no longer than two consecutive years, after which Certification must be reactivated or lost. To reactivate Certification, the individual must make payment in full of all back fees and come current on all other requirements. Individuals approved for inactive status will not be allowed to use the initials ACE after their name without the word "inactive" in parenthesis. For more information or to make a request to the Certification Board, please contact Willet Hossfeld, Certification Programs Manager,


ACE Emeritus Status
ACE-Emeritus is a category designed for those who have held their ACE for at least seven years and are now retired from active work. Fees are set at 1/2 of the full ACE fees and candidates do not need to hold a pesticide applicator's license or maintain CEUs any longer.