MUVE Mentorship Network

Goal: To foster increased interactions between MUVE cohorts in order to develop mutually beneficial mentoring relationships.  

Activity 1: Establish networking social events to pair mentors and mentees within the MUVE section at ESA meetings

Activity 2: Facilitate the development of mentoring relationships between meetings for new members and individuals who are unable to participate in ESA meetings

Activity 3: Develop a communications network that can increase interactions among MUVE members between meetings

Expected Outcomes:

  • Both mentors and mentees will broaden their network by interacting with numerous individuals during networking social events at ESA meetings
  • Each mentee will be paired with an experienced, knowledgeable mentor who can provide professional guidance and experiential advice that helps the mentee in the development of their career
  • Mentors may be exposed to new techniques and concepts that are emerging among younger mentees in MUVE fields.

If you would like more information on this initiative, would like to be involved with developing and running this initiative, or would like to become a mentor or mentee, please contact Bethany McGregor

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