Below are the current initiatives and objectives for urban entomology. If you are interested in getting involved in one or more of these projects, please contact one of the leads for more information. 

Initiative Leads:  Sydney Crawley and Dini Miller

Stakeholders: Everyone. Urban/structural pests have to potential to touch everyone’s lives.

Improve IPM Strategies in Public Housing

  • Objective 1: Educate staff responsible for the maintenance of public housing, landlords, etc.

  • Objective 2: Conduct research to identify issues in public housing related to pest infestations and methods to improve pest management in these communities

  • Objective 3: Cooperate with HUD, EPA, and other agencies in implementing safer and more effective pest management policies

  • Objective 4: Create funding opportunities to assist in the implementation of IPM

An IPM strategy team consisting of extension entomologists and other stakeholders has been assembled and is working on these objectives. Ideas or input can be sent to Sydney Crawley.

Identify and Expand Funding Opportunities for Research in Urban Entomology

  • Objective 1: Join forces with urban entomologists across the US to assimilate data that can be used to support grant proposals in the future.

  • Objective 2: Develop ideas and projects that address sweeping problems in our discipline that would be of interest to prominent funding agencies. Co-author grants on these topics.

As always if anyone has an idea for an initiative or would like to participate, please email Sydney Crawley.

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