Below are the current initiatives and objectives for medical entomology. If you are interested in getting involved in one or more of these projects, please contact one of the leads for more information. 

MUVE Vector Emergency Response Entomologists

Lead: Mustapha Debboun

  • In collaboration with Chris Stelzig from ESA and the leaders of VectorStars (formerly Caribbean Emergency Vector Response), a database of disaster and emergency response volunteer entomologists has been created to ensure they are prepared and ready to deploy to natural disaster-affected areas for emergency mosquito and vector control response. 

  • Mustapha would appreciate it if ESA medical entomologist members continue to volunteer and willingly add their names to be deployed to natural disaster-affected areas nationally or internationally for emergency vector control response, and help streamline emergency response when medical entomology expertise is needed nationally or globally.

Please visit this GoogleDoc link and add your name to the list, or contact Mustapha Debboun.


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