On-Demand (Virtual) Oral Presenter Information


Some symposia and 10-minute paper and poster sessions will be on-demand for Entomology 2023. This includes invited presentations as well as regular and student presentations. 

On-demand content will be available for registrants to watch at any time beginning October 30, 2023.

View additional information for student competition participants

Presentation Upload & Audio Recording Instructions: 

Presenters of on-demand presentations will be given the option to either record their presentation on a third-party platform such as Zoom and then upload it to the Conference Harvester OR to record their presentations on the Conference Harvester platform directly. Uploads will be open from September 1-October 13. All presenters must upload their presentations to the Conference Harvester by the October 13 deadline.

Important Guidelines:

  • When designing your presentation slides, please keep the following in mind:
    • The aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) for slides should be set to 16:9.
    • Be sure to use the photography and social media permission icons which can be downloaded in the Conference Harvester or at the bottom of this page.
  • If you prefer to record your presentation on a third-party platform, our recommended platform is Zoom as this program is easy to use and provides quality recordings.
    • View instructions on using Zoom to record a presentation video.
    • Once your recording is ready, you will need to upload the mp4 file into the "Pre-recorded Presentation Upload" task in the Conference Harvester
    • Please be considerate of your fellow presenters and the virtual audience by keeping your presentation to the time limit listed in your presenter notification email.
  • If you prefer to record your presentation in the Conference Harvester directly, recording instructions are provided on the "Pre-recorded Presentation Upload" task. Download additional instructions.
  • We strongly encourage you to begin the recording process early to ensure you have plenty of time to polish your presentation and to avoid any last-minute technical issues.

Planning Your Presentation

  • On each slide, balance text and images.
  • Keep text at least 36-point font size.
  • Always have high contrast between colors (e.g. background and text).
  • Avoid "busy" slide backgrounds.
  • For maps, charts, and graph labels use 20-point or larger font. Include the description of the image, chart, or graph.
  • Simplify your slides for those watching on smaller screens. 
  • Use the downloadable photography and social media icons to inform the audience whether your presentation is shareable. 


When Presenting 

  • Consider standing as it will allow you to remain focused and use good presentation delivery skills such as belly breathing, vocal variety, and pausing. 
  • If you are planning to use your camera, consider lighting and camera angle before you begin. 
    • You will want to have light in front of you to illuminate your face so that your face is not in shadow. 
    • Your camera should be at, or slightly above, eye level.
  • Consider using a professional or virtual background to eliminate distraction.
  • Pay attention to your body language and make eye contact with your "audience."
  • Briefly introduce yourself and your presentation title at the start of your presentation.
  • Consider speaking more slowly than you would in person. 
  • Briefly describe any slide images for those who may have low vision or be blind.

Speaker Toolkit:

Participating in and enjoying ESA's Annual Meetings becomes even more enjoyable when shared with friends and colleagues. Let them know you will be there and encourage them to come too. Learn more about ways you can let others know about your symposium, talk, or poster.

Photography & Social Media:

Be clear with attendees about whether you grant permission for your presentation slides to be photographed or shared on social media. Download these images and insert them in the corner of your slides. (To download, right-click your chosen image and select “Save Picture As…” or "Save Image As..." to save it to your computer.)

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