ESA Annual Meeting Media Policies


Media Attendance

ESA welcomes members of the media to attend its Annual Meeting, a unique opportunity for journalists to cover the latest research in insect science and to interact with experts in the entomological community.

Entomology 2023 will take place November 5–8 in National Harbor, Maryland.

Advance registration is required. To request a complimentary media pass to the ESA Annual Meeting, please contact Joe Rominiecki, ESA senior manager of communications, at or 301-731-4535 ext. 3009.

Eligibility for a media pass is determined at the discretion of the ESA staff but generally includes:

  • reporters affiliated with reputable news organizations (web, print, TV, or radio);
  • freelance journalists on assignment, with an established record in science reporting, or holding membership in the National Association of Science Writers;
  • public information officers at universities, scientific societies, or other research institutions.

Eligibility for media passes does not include:

  • practicing members of the entomological or scientific research community;
  • organizations producing publications, videos, or other media intended for marketing, advertising, financial analysis, or public relations purposes.

ESA reserves the right to bar from this and future meetings any media personnel who, at the determination of the executive director of ESA, misuse Annual Meeting media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits.

Photography and Film

No member of the media will be permitted to record symposia, lectures, meetings, or other events without prior written permission from ESA, and no film or video may be broadcast or rebroadcast without prior review and written permission from ESA.

ESA also requests that attendees not take photographs or videos during sessions because they are disruptive to presenters. If you wish to take photographs or screenshots of a presentation or poster, please contact the presenter for permission.

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