Student Presentation Opportunities

Each year during the Annual Meeting, students are offered the opportunity to present their research. Explore the opportunities below. 

Student Competition For the Presidents Prize

Each year during the Annual Meeting, students are offered the opportunity to present their research and win valuable prizes. There are two components to the competition: 10-Minute Presentations (oral) and Poster Displays. All student competition sessions take place on Monday.

The Student Competition Co-Chairs will do their best to group presentations on these subjects into sessions together, although a perfect fit is not always possible.

When submitting presentations to the Student Competition, students become eligible to compete for prizes, including: 

  • First Place - One-year free 2025 membership in ESA, a $75 USD cash prize, and a certificate
  • Second Place - One-year free 2025 membership in ESA and a certificate

For additional information, including judging rubrics, please select from the following: 

Note: Students are eligible for the competition for 12 months after the month of graduation, with current ESA student or student transition membership.

Student Non-Competition Sessions

Gain the experience of presenting without the pressure of the student competition. Submitters to this program will be grouped together and will present during a non-competition student only session. 

Student non-competition 10-minute presentations will be scheduled for Sunday, November 10. Student non-competition poster displays will be scheduled for Tuesday, November 11.


Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium

Graduate students are invited to apply to present their research at the Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium held during Entomology 2024. The purpose of the symposium is to provide a high-profile opportunity for graduate students near the completion of their degrees to present a more in-depth overview of their thesis research. Students will have the opportunity to expand upon their research beyond the 10-minutes of the student competitions and gain valuable experience for future career presentations. A total of six individuals will be selected for this competitive symposium, one from each ESA Section (two from P-IE). Learn more.

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