2022 Joint Annual Meeting Symposia & Workshops

The following have been selected as symposia & workshops for the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting:

Program Symposia

Art is Science is Art: Finding Connections Between Entomology and Art
Organizers: Sarah Chaney and Brenna Decker

Inspired by Entomology: A New Biological Survey of Canada
Organizers: Dan Peach, Morgan Jackson, and Joel Gibson

Palette(able) Entomology: Using SciArt and SciComm for Effective Insect-focused Education and Engagement
Organizers: Hailey Shanovich, Grace Savoy-Burke, Amelia Lindsey, Karmi Leah Oxman, and Heather Andrews

The Cultural Significance of Insects Through Historical and Diverse Lenses
Organizers: Gene Kritsky, Tolulope Morawo, John Acorn, Carol Anelli, Deirdre Prischmann, Caydee Savinelli, Xuguo Zhou, and Hongmei Li-Byarlay

What Lies Beneath? The Art and Science of Soil Arthropods
Organizers: Monica Farfan and Carlos Barreto

Section Symposia - Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)

Biology and Ecology of Dipteran Pests and Vectors Impacting Livestock
Organizers: Bethany McGregor, Dana Nayduch, and Barbara Drolet

Current Development and Research of Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Entomology Careers – “Industry” isn’t a Bad Word!
Organizers: Michelle Hartzer and Ron Harrison

Risks of Expanding Vector-Borne Disease Transmission in North America
Organizers: Kathleen Walker and Michael Riehle

Testing Cockroaches - Could Laboratory Bioassay Results be Used to Infer Field Performance?
Organizers: David Cox and Chow-Yang Lee

Where the Wild Things Are: One Health at the Wildlife-Arthropod Interface
Organizers: Karen Poh and Risa Pesapane

Section Symposia - Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT)

Cross-roads of Diapause and Metabolism
Organizers: Umut Toprak , Russell Groves, and Daniel Hahn

Discovering New Insecticides: Science or Art?
Organizers: Marc Fisher and Frank Wessels

Emerging Models of Insect Microbiomes
Organizers: Kevin Vogel and Vince Martinson

Ento-inspiration: The Bioinspired Design of Multi-functional Materials and Structures
Organizers: Marianne Alleyne and Catherine Loudon

Insects Inspire Innovation in the Study of Conserved Evolutionary Toolkits
Organizers: Rebecca Westwick, Allison Young and Anastasia Weger

Putting Science Behind the Art of Designing Insecticide Mixtures for Pest and Resistance Management
Organizer: Adekunle Adesanya

Recent Advancements in Mosquito Physiology and Behaviour
Organizers: Jean-Paul Paluzzi and Andrew Donini

Which Way Forward for Pollinator Protection?
Organizers: Melanie Kirby, Andony Melathopoulos, and Ana Heck

Section Symposia - Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE)

Beyond Tritrophic Interactions: Diverse Approached to Studying Hyperparasitoids
Organizers: Judith Herreid and Randa Jabbour

Biocontrol of Drosophila suzukii: Status Updates on Natural Enemies and Ecological Considerations
Organizers: Pierre Girod, Judith Stahl, Warren Wong, and Juli Carrillo

Diverse Perspectives on Pollinator Stressors
Organizers: Kelsey Graham, Theresa Pitts-Singer, and Lindsie McCabe

Drones, Cybernetic-Physical Systems, and Artificial Intelligence in Pest Management
Organizers: Isaac Esquivel, Nathan Moses-Gonzales, and Blake Elkins

Friends and Foes: New Advances on Plant-Insect-Microbe Interactions
Organizers: Caitlin Rering and Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

Global Challenges and Advances in Pest Management Toward a Sustainable Agriculture
Organizers: Adeney Bueno and Yelitza Colmenarez

Ground-nesting Bees: Diverse Perspectives to Build Increased Depth and Breadth of Understanding
Organizers: D. Susan Willis Chan, Alana Pindar, and Sabrina Rondeau

Honey Bees as Global Environmental Monitors of Pollutants, Pesticides, Pathogens & Emerging Threats
Organizers: Morgan Cunningham, Lan Tran, and Maria Marta Guarna

Incorporating Ecological Theory into Biological Control Evaluation
Organizers: Ryan Paul and Paul Abram

Incorporating Microbials into the Culture of IPM
Organizers: Navneet Kaur, Julie Graesch, Ramandeep Sandhi, and Stefan Jaronski

Inspiring Ecological Rigor in the Study of Forest Insects: Celebrating the Career of Joseph Elkinton
Organizers: Juli Gould and Hannah Broadley

Invasive Insects Around the World: Global Challenges & Strategies for Addressing Invasive Herbivores
Organizers: David Coyle, Ashley Schulz, and Hannah Burrack

Masters of Manipulation: Plant–pathogen–vector–symbiont Interactions and Novel Management Techniques
Organizers: Gina Angelella and Rodney Cooper

Recent Trends and Prospects for the Future in Several Key Plant-Insect Ecosystems Sub-Disciplines
Organizers: David Onstad and Nicholas Larson

The Ecological Importance of Forests to Pollinators
Organizers: Michael Ulyshen, James Rivers, Sara Galbraith, and Rachel Zitomer

The Impact of Mighty Microbes and Their Arthropod Hosts in Agro-Ecosystems
Organizers: Jocelyn Holt, Lina Bernaola, and Freddy Ibanez-Carrasco

Section Symposia - Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB)

Inspiration from Hidden Diversity: Cryptic Species and the Future of Insect Taxonomy
Organizers: Robert Kresslein and Louis Nastasi

Inspirational Advances in Social Insect Evolution via Integrative 'Omics Approach
Organizers: Hongmei Li-Byarlay and Sandra Rehan

Microbes Rulers of Us All: Microbial Interactions and Their Influence over Host Fitness
Organizers: Patrick Stillson and Alison Blanton

Member Symposia

Advancements in Biotechnological Approaches for Managing Hemipteran Vectors of Plant Pathogens
Organizers: Nabil Killiny, Kristen Pelz-Stelinki, and Judith Brown

Advances in Bee Systematics and Evolution
Organizers: Michael Branstetter and Felipe Freitas

Advances in Harnessing Insects as Upcyclers and Feed
Organizers: Michael Crossley and Laura Ingwell

Advances in the Biological Control of Field Crop Pests
Organizers: Hector Carcamo and Tyler Wist

Apple and Its Worm, Challenge and Inspiration, From the Garden of Eden to High-yield Orchards
Organizers: Don Thomson and Peter Witzgall

Arthropod–Microorganisms–Host Interactions
Organizers: L. Paulina Maldonado-Ruiz and Paula Rozo-Lopez

Biological Control of Major Invasive Pests: Achievements and Current Development
Organizers: Antonio Biondi, XinGeng Wang, Joseph Kaser, and Nicholas Desneux

Challenges of Insect Management Inspire the Development of Molecular Tools
Organizers: Joerg Romeis and Tara Gariepy

Clickbait: Click Beetles and Wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) as Inspiration
Organizers: Julien Saguez, Wim Van Herk, Haley Catton, and Jacqueline Serrano

Coverage of the Good and the Bad: The Genomes and Genomics of Pollinators and Pests
Organizers: Brad Coates and Katherine Parys

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Patricia Pietrantonio and Amy Murrillo

Current Status of Pest Management in Cannabis sativa
Organizers: Kadie Britt, Jonathan Cale, Katelyn Kesheimer, and Melissa Schreiner

Diamondback Moth (DBM) Pest Management Symposium
Organizer: Hugh Smith

Digital Tools and Ecological Techniques to Understand Complex Insect Behavior
Organizers: Sajjan Grover, Chitvan Khajuria, Navdeep Mutti

Diverse Voices Influencing Change in Entomology through Art, Culture, and Science
Organizers: Ramandeep Sandhi, Victoria Pickens, Elizabeth Bello, Sarah Elzay, Shelby Kilpatrick, Sara Salgado, and Salka'Tuwa Bondoc Mafla

E-closure: A virtual Symposium featuring Chrysalis Fund Recipients
Organizer: Wyatt Hoback

Early Career Professionals: At the Heart of the Mentor-Mentee Continuum
Organizers: Emily Sandall, Karen Poh, and Nicole Quinn

Education as Inspiration: Entomology as a Tool for Linking Science and Culture
Organizers: Ashley Faris, Chloe Hawkings, Matthew Petersen, and Anthony Auletta

European Foulbrood as an Evolving Brood Disease: Changes in Virulence, Pathology, and Management
Organizers: Sarah Wood, Maria Marta Guarna, and Meghan Milbrath

Exploring the Intersection of Entomology and Social Justice
Organizers: Stacie East, Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Shannon LaDeau, and Louie Rivers

From Culture to Chemistry: Managing Flatheaded Borers in Specialty Crops
Organizers: Karla Addesso, Jason Oliver, and Cynthia Perkovich

Grassroots Conservation: Combining Science, Communication, and Culture
Organizers: Sam Heraghty, Thomas Franzem, and Kelton Verble

Harnessing International Policymaking Strategies to Address Grand Challenges: Inspiring

Organizers: Erin Cadwalader, Meagham Pimsler, Monica Farfan, Alvin Simmons, Hongmei Li-Byarlay, and Sheila Colla

Highlighting Women's Research: Abiotic and Biotic Stressors of Agricultural Food-systems
Organizers: Morgan Thompson, Jaclyn Martin, Tara-Kay Jones, Noah Lemke, Danielle Gray, Lauren Beebe, and Han-Jung Lee

Insect Welfare in Farmed, Wild, and Research Contexts
Organizers: Meghan Barrett and Bob Fischer

Inspiring Insect Biodiversity Conservation through Incorporation of Vital Habitat in Infrastructure
Organizers: Ashley St. Clair and Tristan Barley

Inspiring the Next Scientists: Entomology as an Educational and Research Tool for Undergraduates
Organizers: Carl Hjelmen, David Serrano, Delano Lewis, and Leah Flaherty

Inspiring Transformation of Insects’ Art, Science and Culture from Zero to Hero
Organizer: Ismaila Aderolu

Interdisciplinary Advances in Mathematical and Statistical Methods
Organizers: Kristin Bower and Khai Tran

Invertebrates in Deadwood: Shining Light Under the Bark
Organizers: Clayton Traylor and Michael Ulyshen

Latin/Hispanic Symposium: Elevating Entomology through Culture, Art, and Identity
Organizers: Carlos Esquivel Palma, Ana Cabrera, Steven Reyna, Mary Salcedo, and Ricky Lara

Leveraging Isotopic Tools to Understand Insect Ecology
Organizers: Megan Reich and Felipe Dargent

Managed Bees and Wild Bees: When Does Competition Occur and How Do We Mitigate Risk?
Organizers: Kaitlin Deutsch and Maureen Page

Many Eyes on Many Eyes: A Diverse Look at Arachnology
Organizers: Jacob Gorneau, Lauren Esposito, and Catherine Scott

Master Gardeners 2023: Celebrating Fifty Years of Inspiring Gardeners through Entomology
Organizers: Todd Murray and Gail Langellotto

New and Emerging Issues with Whiteflies and Wwhitefly-transmitted Viruses
Organizers: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Alvin Simmons, and Allen Moore

New Information on RNAi Mechanisms and Technological Advances Toward Practical Applications
Organizers: Kenneth Narva, Ana Velez, and Molly Darlington

Phenotypic Plasticity in Insects as Experienced through Art, Science, and Culture
Organizers: Alyssa Canova, Arani Cuevas-Sanchez, Audélia Mechti, Mehreen Tahir, Rick Overson, and Brittany Peterson

Pollinators and the Public: Conservation, Extension, and Civilization
Organizers: Caroline Kane, Amanda Dunaway, and Wade Pike

Recent Advances in Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management (IPPM) Research and Applications
Organizer: Bernadette Mach

Resistance Management as an Inspiration for Careers in Entomology
Organizers: Scott Ludwig, Caydee Savinelli, Graham Head, Patricia Prasifka, and Nicholas Storer

Spinosyns: 25 Years Refining the Art of Fermentation Inspired by Science to Empower Organic Culture
Organizers: Luis Gomez, Amanda Jacobson, and Boris Castro

The Art of Integrating and Overcoming Stress Factors in Osmia Species
Organizers: Makaylee Crone and Jenna Walters

The Microbiome of Acari through Art, Science, and Culture
Organizers: Shahid Karim and Adalberto Perez De Leon

Through the Duff, What Just Hove? Tis a Beetle, Known as Rove
Organizer: Michael Ferro

USDA-NIFA Grants and Panels: Benefits and Approaches
Organizers: Michelle Samuel-Foo and Erica Kistner-Thomas

Woody Plant Insect Pest Ecology and Management
Organizers: Christopher Riley, Kevin Chase, and Adam Baker

Organized Meetings

Austronesian Entomologists Group: Inaugural Meeting across the Diaspora
Organizes: Salka'Tuwa Bondoc Mafla, Marcel Kate Jardeleza, and Jonthan Koch

Environmental Entomology and Journal of Economic Entomology Awards and Overview: Inspiring Authors
Organizers: Melody Keena, Therese Poland, Michael Brewer, and Frank Zalom

ESA International Branch Business Meeting
Organizers: Rory McDonnell, Veronique Martel, Joan van Baaren, Lieceng Zhu, Julien Saguez, Johnnie Van Den Berg, and Isobel Ronai

International Society of Hymenopterists Symposium
Organizers: Natalie Dale-Skey and Craig Brabant

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Sang-Bin Lee, Ilgoo Kang, and Dong-Hwan Choe

MUVE Business Meeting
Organizer: Ed Vargo

North American Dipterists Society Annual Meeting
Organizers: Jessica Gillung, Torsten Dikow, Matthew Bertone, and Steve Gaimari

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Networking-Brainstorming Session
Organizers: Troy Anderson, Guy Smagghe, and Daniel Swale

Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section Networking Session & Awards Celebration (Open to All Attendees)
Organizers: Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris and Surendra Dara

Small Orders, Big Ideas (Polyneoptera)
Organizers: Derek Woller and Hojun Song

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Sujan Dawadi, Sabita Ranabhat, Prabina Regmi, and Rekha Bhandari

SysEB Business Meeting
Organizers: Chris Hamilton and Katja Seltmann

Taiwanese Entomologist Association Meeting
Organizers: De-Fen Mou, Ching-Wen Tan, Po-An Lin, and Tse-Yu Chen


A Nectar Nomad's Hive Mind Alchemy: Interdisciplinary & Multicultural Approaches in Bee Stewardship
Organizer: Melanie Kirby

Acting Techniques to Improve Your SciComm!
Organizer: Annika Salzberg

Amuse Bouche: Create Bite-Sized Science Morsels that Inspire People to Come Back for More
Organizers: Kristie Reddick, Jessica Honaker, and Kaylee Arnold

Don't Just Tick the Box: Improving Public Engagement on Complex Animal and Human Health Issues
Organizers: Andres Urcuqui-Bustamante and Allison Gardner

Draw on Your Knowledge: Techniques for Entomological Illustration
Organizer: Jacki Whisenant

ESA Certification Corporation Board Workshop: ACE-I Prep Course and CEU Hours
Organizers: Willet Hossfeld and Nancy Troyano

ESA Ethics: Application for a Safe and Inclusive Profession
Organizer: Stacie East

From Sanger to Sequence: An Introduction to DNA Barcoding
Organizers: Valerie Marshall and Tyler Nelson

Standout on LinkedIN- Tips and Tricks to Network and Get Noticed
Organizers: Ronda Hamm, Amelia Litz, Heena Puri, and Emily Justus

The Future of Native Bee Monitoring in the United States: Developing a National Strategic Plan
Organizers: Hannah Levenson and Hollis Woodard

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