Entomology 2023 Symposia & Workshops

The following have been selected as symposia and workshops for Entomology 2023:

Program Symposia

Can Research Affect Policy as Much as Policy Affects Research? Global Perspectives in Entomology
Organizers: Allison Bistline-East and Zeus Mateos-Fierro

Connecting the Pieces: How Entomologists Tackle One Health Challenges and Influence Science Policy
Organizers: Hannah Tiffin and Karen Poh

Insect Biodiversity Loss: Empowering People and Policymakers to Address the Growing Challenge
Organizers: Erin Cadwalader, Jessica Ware, Monica Farfan, Ricky lara, Megha Parajulee, Silvana Paula-Moraes, Sheina Sim, and Michelle Smith

Insect Conservation in Cities: Opportunities for Aligning Entomology, People, and Policy
Organizers: Jacqueline Buenrostro and Adam Dale

Policy Makers' and Stakeholders' Perspectives on the Impact of the Farm Bill for Entomology
Organizers: Lauren Diepenbrock and Ashfaq Sial

Students and Early Career Professionals Going Beyond the Lab to Advance Entomology’s Impact
Organizers: Victoria Pickens, Corey Day, and Elizabeth Taylor


Section Symposia - Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology (MUVE)

A Dash of Epidemiology, a Skosh of Entomology and a Dollop of Science Policy Is a Recipe for Success
Organizers: Jennifer Gordon, Sydney Crawley, Sarah Gunter, and Melissa Nolan

Beyond the Bite: Natural History, Systematics, and Ecology Enhance Knowledge of Our Most Deadly Foe
Organizers: Donald Yee and John Soghigian

Current Challenges, Recent Advances, and the Future of Urban Pest Management
Organizers: Sudip Gaire and Alex Ko

Current Research of Insect Repellents
Organizer: Mustapha Debboun

Disruptive Science: A Symposium in Honor of Nan-Yao Su and the Impact of Termite Baits
Organizers: Faith Oi and Sang-Bin Lee

DoD-funded Research to Develop Products for Vector Surveillance, Control and Bite Prevention
Organizers: Gabriella Zollner and Jaree Johnson

Healthy People, Places, and Animals: One Health at the Arthropod Vector-Animal-Landscape Interface
Organizers: Karen Poh, Erika Matchinger, Risa Pesapane, and Danielle Tufts

Indoor Pests and Pesticides in Affordable Housing: Using Science to Impact Policy
Organizers: Zachary DeVries and Coby Schal

Learn More About Industry Careers, It’s Not the Dark Side!
Organizers: Michelle Hartzer and Neil Spomer

Rising to the Grand Challenge: Building Collaborations for Innovative Cattle Fever Tick Research
Organizers: Glen Scoles, Pia Olafson, and Kimberly Lohmeyer

The Impact of Climate Change on Vector-borne Diseases: Navigating the Social & Political Landscape
Organizers: Liz Dykstra, Charles (Ben) Beard, Kelsey Fisher, Anna Briggs, and Ashley Kennedy

Using Behavior as a Central Organizing Concept in Stored Products: Towards Behaviorally-based IPM
Organizers: Sabita Ranabhat and William Morrison

What Works (and What Doesn’t)? Evaluating Vector-Borne Disease Education
Organizers: Rebecca Smith and Heather Kopsco

Section Symposia - Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT)

Assessing Pesticide Risks to Endangered, Threatened, and Other Species of Conservation Concern
Organizers: Niranjana Krishnan and Vera Krischik

Basic and Applied Chemical Ecology in Cerambycid Beetles
Organizers: Robert Mitchell, Ann Ray, and Weliton Silva

Beyond Characterization: The Impacts of Insect Gut Microbiomes on Hosts
Organizers: Paul Ayayee, Jose Pietri, Heidy Contreras, and Chun Nin Wong

Challenges and Value of Bacterial Pesticidal Protein-resistant Colonies
Organizers: William Moar, Chitvan Khajuria, and Kimberly Morrell

Chromatin and Its Dynamics in Insect Development and Reproduction
Organizers: Alex Raikhel and Subba Reddy Palli

Evolution and Regulation of Xenobiotic Adaptation in Arthropods
Organizers: Fang (Rose) Zhu and Ting Li

Insect Immune Systems: Same Same but Different but Still Same
Organizers: Chinmay Tikhe, Krystal Maya-Maldonado, and Victor Cardoso-Jaime

Lessons from Insects: How Entomology Has Contributed to the Promise of Sustainable Agriculture
Organizers: Navdeep Mutti, Will Jessie, and Adekunle Adesanya

Realizing the Potential of RNA Biopesticides: What It Takes to Make RNAi Commercial and Durable
Organizers: Swati Mishra, William Moar, Ken Narva, and Ana Vélez

Section Symposia - Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE)

Advances and Challenges for an Evolving Agriculture: From Synthetic Chemicals to Greener Tools
Organizers: Adeney Bueno and Yelitza Colmenarez

Advocating Responsible Crop Protection to Influence Policy and Gain Public Engagement
Organizers: Boris Castro, Luis Gomez, and Amanda Jacobson

Beyond Tree Defense: The (Rest of) Bark Beetle-fungus Symbiosis Ecology
Organizers: Lorinda Bullington and Diana Six

Bodyguards for Plants: Integrating Indirect Defense into Plant Breeding and Pest Management
Organizers: Emily Russavage and Micky Eubanks

Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of Plant Domestication on Multitrophic Interactions
Organizers: Betty Benrey, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona, and Yolanda Chen

Ecological Risk Assessment for Novel Insect Resistance Approaches in Genetically Engineered Crops
Organizers: Christopher R. Brown, Nicholas Storer, and Michael Meissle

Genomics of Invasion
Organizer: Rebecca Clement

Got Grants? Federal and Other Funding Opportunities for Entomologists of All Career Stages
Organizer: Michelle Samuel-Foo

How Resistance Management Programs Are Influenced and Impacted by Adjacent Policies
Organizers: Graham Head, Patricia Prasifka, and Caydee Savinelli

Insect Influencers: Getting the Public to Engage with Science
Organizers: Jarrad Prasifka, Patricia Prasifka, and Jeffrey Bradshaw

Life is Interesting: Multi-species Interactions Spanning Diverse Kingdoms
Organizers: Kelli Hoover, Flor Acevdeo, and Gary Felton

New and Emergent Wheat Pest Challenges in North America: Pest Assessment and Wheat Grower Forum
Organizers: Jeffrey Bradshaw, Punya Nachappa, and Tatyana Rand

Protected Culture IPM: Controlling Pests from Within
Organizers: Mike Wolfin and Samantha Willden

Regulatory Entomology: Research, Extension, and Policy Supporting Invasive Species Response and Approach
Organizers: Joel Perez-Mendoza, Nicole Quinn, and William Morrison

Role of Stakeholders in IPM Adoption
Organizers: Ashley Leach and Erica Moretti

The Impacts of Policy on Biocontrol: Perspectives from Academia, Government and Industry
Organizers: Brianna Foster and DeShae Dillard

To Bee or Not to Bee: Practical Realities of Pairing Pollinator Habitat with Solar Development
Organizers: Adam Dolezal and Tristan Barley

Understanding the Roles of Entomologists in the Industry
Organizers: Alexis Middleton, Taynara Possebom, Natasha Umezu, and Gloria Meloto

Utilizing 'Omics' Approaches to Understand Plant-insect Interactions
Organizers: Heena Puri and Sajjan Grover

When Life Gives You Lemons: Environmental Change & Pollinator Nutrition Research Influencing Policy
Organizers: Pierre Lau, Vanessa Corby-Harris, and Caitlin Rering

Section Symposia - Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB)

Beenome100: Genomic Insights into Bee Biodiversity and Evolution
Organizers: Jay Evans, Ligia Benavides, Michael Branstetter

Building a Better Insect Tree of Life
Organizers: Dominic Evangelista, Manpreet Kohli, and Jared Martin

Environmental Control of Phenotype: The Role of Epigenetics in the Ecology and Evolution of Insects
Organizers: Erika Bueno, Joseph Gunn, Blair Christensen, Hongmei Li-Byarlay, and Yolanda Chen

Evolution of Novelty in Ecdysozoans
Organizers: Abigail Hayes, Heather Bruce, Justin Van Goor, and Lisa Mesrop

Life Abounds in the Great Smoky Mountains: The 25-year All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory Continues!
Organizers: Will Kuhn, Becky Nichols, Todd Witcher

Member Symposia

11th Latin/Hispanic Symposium: Multicultural Entomologists Transforming People, Science, and Policy
Organizers: Ana Cabrera, Rosa Lozano, Carlos Esquivel Palma, Ricky Lara, and Steven Reyna

A Balancing Act: Calibrating Basic Research Questions to Meet Grower Needs
Organizers: Kelly McIntyre, Kyle Bekelja, John McCollum

A Systems Biology Framework for Improving Managed Pollinator Health
Organizers: Christopher Mayack and Arathi Seshadri

Advances in Slug Biology, Ecology, and Management
Organizers: Michael Crossley and Thabu Mugala

Aphids: Recent Progress in Ecology, Diversity, Virus Transmission, and Management
Organizers: Sudeep Pandey and William Pitt

Beetles Getting It Dung: Current Research in Scarabaeinae and Other Dung-associated Beetles
Organizers: Elizabeth Rowen and Dana Price

Biological Control Introductions Against Invasive Pests: Celebrating the Career of Kim Hoelmer
Organizers: Xingeng Wang and Jian Duan

Biotremology, Art, & Education
Organizers: Dowen Jocson and Rachele Nieri

Blood Feeders: A New Frontier for Electropenetrography
Organizers: Anastasia Cooper, Kris Silver, and Dana Mitzel

Careers for the Entomologist With No Interest in Science Policy, but is Surrounded by It Everyday
Organizers: Ramandeep Sandhi and Alix Whitener

Characterizing Ecological Interactions in Forests Under Global Change
Organizers: Todd Johnson and Kayla Perry

Combating Insect Pests Through Smart Agriculture: Strategies for Minority Growers in Extreme Climate
Organizers: Tara-Kay Jones, Barbara Amoah, Joseph Disi, and Clement Akotsen-Mensah

Current Advances in Acarology
Organizers: Amy Murillo and Alexandra Revynthi

Current and Future Impact of Microbial Control Agents
Organizers: Anamika Sharma, Julie Graesch, and Stefan Jaronski

Cuticular Hydrocarbons in Insect Communication and Physiology
Organizers: Zinan Wang, Margarita Orlova, and Henry Chung

Downed Logs as a Bridge: Connecting Subdisciplines and Geographic Regions with Saproxylic Insects
Organizers: Clayton Taylor and Kane Lawhorn

Early Career Professional Recognition Symposium
Organizer: Priyadarshini Basu

Ecology of Managed Landscapes
Organizers: Adam Baker and Chris Riley

Emerging Invasive Pest Mites and Mite-Transmitted Diseases
Organizers: Daniel Carrillo and Ronald Ochoa

Entomologists of Indian Origin: Successes, Challenges and Lessons
Organizers: Swapna Priya Rajarapu, Harit Bal, Priyanka Mittapelly, Mandeep Tayal, and Gagandeep Brar

Entomology Advocates: What Is Your Role?
Organizers: Vilma Montenegro Castro, Taynara Possebom, and Morgan Rockwell

Entomology Education and Experience: How Insects Impact, Inform, and Influence People and Policy
Organizers: David Serrano, Carl Hjelman, and Ashleigh Faris

Exploring Alternative Careers as an ECP So You Are More Prepared and Less Scared
Organizers: Victoria Pocius, Daniel Perry, and Danielle Kirkpatrick

Extension Entomology: Agricultural and Horticultural Innovations Across Northern America
Organizers: Melissa Schreiner, Lisa Mason, Kadie Britt, and Katelyn Kesheimer

Extension in All Shapes and Sizes: The Present and Future of Extension Programs
Organizers: Pin-Chu Lai, Leonardo Salgado, and Lidia Komondy

Food for Thought: Influences of Global Policy and Implementation on Insects as Food and Feed
Organizers: Lisa Neven, Kelsy Robinson, Annie Donoghue, Elizabeth Daut, and Sara Diamond

Food for Thought: State of the Art Research and Needs for Promoting Insects as Food and Feed
Organizers: Lisa Neven, Kristin Duffield, Tawni Crippen, Kelsy Robinson, Annie Donoghue, Elizabeth Daut, and Sara Diamond

Futures of Entomology: Managing Invasive Species and Novel Agricultural Approaches
Organizers: Victoria Pickens, Jacqueline Maille, Flinn O'Hara, and Sara Salgado

Highlighting Diversity in Science: Unique Fields and Employment Within Entomology
Organizers: Lauren Beebe, Danielle Gray, Myra Dickey, Erin Harris, and Sienna McPeek

Holistic Synthesis of Ambrosia Beetle Interactions Affecting Horticultural Tree Crops
Organizers: Monique Rivera, David Shapiro, and Christopher Ranger

How Can We as Entomologists Affect Public Policy Through Citizen Science?
Organizers: Yahel Ben-Zvi and Chloe Hawkings

Inclusive Entomology: Networks for Advancing Science and Communication
Organizers: Chloe Hawkings, Jocelyn Holt, Patricia Prade, and Julia Wooby

Insect Chemosensory Systems and Semiochemicals: From Molecular Genetics to Neuroethology
Organizers: William Walker and Kevin Wanner

Meeting the Grand Challenge of Stored Food Security and Sustainability in a Warming World
Organizers: William Morrison and Vincent Hervet

Model Behavior: Consequences of Insect Behavior on Phenological and Ecological Modeling
Organizers: Thomas Chappell and Jensen Hayter

New Advances in Insect Chemoreception
Organizers: Hany Dweck and Todd Ugine

Non-target Effects of Pesticides: Natural Enemies, Pollinators, and More
Organizer: Rebecca Schmidt-Jeffris

One Health Training for Plant, Animal and Human Vector-borne Diseases to Improve Practice and Policy
Organizers: Shirley Luckhart, Michael Riehle, Edwin Lewis, and Sanford Eigenbrode

PHEFA: Engaging Students to Create a More Diverse and Inclusive Public Health Entomology Workforce
Organizers: Stacie East and Elynn Owens

Plants, Insects, Microbes: Who Is the Key Driver of Interaction Outcomes in Agricultural Ecosystems?
Organizers: Mandeep Tayal and Sajjan Grover

Policies That Worked: How Policy Shapes Entomology and Impacts People
Organizers: Rayda Krell, Jennifer Gordon, Kelsey Fisher, and Thomas Anderson

Predators of the Acari World
Organizers: Lorena Lopez and Emilie Demard

Regulations on Insects as Food and Feed: What Policymakers and Stakeholders Should Know
Organizer: Matan Shelomi

Rising Stars of Entomology Award Symposium
Organizers: Victoria Pickens and Jacqueline Maille

Scavenging Ecologists and Forensic Entomologists: Sharing Ideas to Impact People, Policy, and the Planet
Organizers: Hannah Chu and Tracie Hayes

Staphylinidae, the Most Taxivorous Family
Organizer: Michael Ferro

Study Insects, Save the World: The Impact of Entomology on the Science of Sustainability
Organizer: Marc Fisher

The Global Pest, Sweetpotato Whitefly: Taxonomy, Ecology, Virus Transmission, and Management
Organizers: Rajagopalbabu Srinivasan, Judith Brown, Alvin Simmons, and Allen Moore

The Impact of Undergraduate Research in Entomology on Academia and on the Community
Organizer: Denise Gemmellaro

The Road to Policy Change: Engaging Diverse Communities Through Education, Extension and Outreach
Organizers: Sajjan Grover, Morgan Pinkerton, Sara Lak, and Veronica Manrique

Thermal Ecology of Pollinators
Organizers: Victor Gonzalez, Elsa Youngsteadt, and Margarita Lopez-Uribe

Tools for Transgenics and Genome Editing in Emerging Models for Insect Functional Genomics
Organizer: Arnaud Martin

Trophic Interactions in the Age of the Microbiome
Organizers: Enakshi Ghosh, Paul Ode, and Giovana Matos Franco

Using Statewide Surveys to Assess the Conservation Status of US Pollinators
Organizers: S. Hollis Woodard, Bryan Danforth, and Brianne Du Clos

Women in Industry: What Are the Challenges and How Can We Impact to Influence
Organizers: Debora Montezano, Rosana Serikawa, and Gabriela Inveninato Carmona

Organized Meetings

International Branch Business Meeting
Organizers: Joan van Baaren and Véronique Martel

International Society of Hymenopterists Meeting
Organizers: Natalie Dale-Skey and Craig Brabant

Korean Young Entomologists (KYE)
Organizers: Sang-Bin Lee, JinMo Koo, Donghun Kim, and Dong-Hwan Choe

Multistate Project NE1943: Biology, Ecology, and Management of Emerging Disease Vectors
Organizers: Allison Gardner and Lee Cohnstaedt

MUVE Business Meeting with Highlights of Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology
Organizers: Rebecca Trout Fryxell and Kyle Jordan

North American Dipterists Society Meeting
Organizers: Jessica Gillung, Matthew Bertone, and Stephen Gaimari

Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology (PBT) Section Networking-Brainstorming Session
Organizers: Daniel Swale and Adekunle Adesanya

Plant-Insect Ecosystems Section Networking Session & Awards Celebration (Open to All Attendees)
Organizers: Surendra Dara and Cesar Rodriguez-Saona

Society of Overseas Nepalese Entomologists Meeting
Organizers: Sabita Ranabhat, Rekha Bhandari, Pragya Kiju, Hira Poudel, Anjana Duwal, and Sadhana Chhetri

SysEB Business Meeting
Organizers: Katja Seltmann and Andrea Lucky

Taiwanese Entomologist Association Meeting
Organizers: De-Fen Mou, Ching-Wen Tan, and Tse-Yu Chen


All Bugs Welcome Here: Increasing Inclusion and Support in Undergraduate Classrooms
Organizer: Megan Woltz

Both/And: Options for Working with Digital Illustration
Organizer: Jacki Whisenant

Community-sourced Strategies for Improving Insect Welfare in Research and Education
Organizers: Meghan Barrett and Bob Fischer

Death to Imposter Syndrome, You are a Star! Tips to Apply for ESA Awards from Past Awardees
Organizers: Hailey Shanovich, Anh Tran, and Michelle Boone

Getting the "In" to Industry: An Interactive CV Building and Networking Workshop
Organizers: Sajjan Grover, Scott O'Neal, Priyadarshini Basu, and Karen Poh

Insects and Interviews: A Media Training Crash Course for Entomologists
Organizers: Joe Rominiecki, Kimbra Cutlip, Susan Milius, and Michael Raupp

National Insect Photo Salon Presentation and Macro Photography Workshop
Organizers: Thomas Myers and Megan Asche

Networking Workshop: The AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellowship Program
Organizer: Thomas Anderson

Priorities into Policy: Driving Change on the Next Generation of Polices That Work
Organizers: Rayda Krell, Kelsey Fisher, Jennifer Gordon, and Thomas Anderson

Regulatory Considerations in Developing Biotech Insect Protection Products
Organizers: Yong Yin, William Moar, James Nyangulu, and Raymond Dobert

The Pest Friends Board Game: Blazing Trails for IPM Education Through Game Based Learning
Organizers: Jason Thomas, Grant Loomis, and Joshua Reger

YouSocial: Picking the Right Platform to Keep Your Influence Relevant
Organizers: Kristie Reddick, Wyatt Hoback, and David Serrano

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