ESA Updates Related to COVID-19

Updated January 21, 2022

ESA continues normal operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information below answers frequently asked questions we've received about operations, meetings, and programs. If you have a specific question that is not answered here, please contact the ESA staff.


What is ESA doing to help members during the COVID-19 pandemic?

ESA continues to serve as the primary source for many of the professional needs of entomologists. Through our journals, blog, ESA eNews, Twitter and Facebook, and other online resources, we are seeking to maintain as much stability as possible and to continue to provide members with high-quality information. Additionally, we are seeking ways to help members adapt to these uncertain times. As an example, ESA organized two webinars to assist with the transition to distance learning: "Helping Educators Adapt to Online Entomology Education" and "Helping Students Adapt to Online Learning."


What is being done to maintain operations at headquarters?

We are grateful that ESA already had extensive experience with telework and had systems in place that made for an easy transition. Staff continue to work remotely until national, state, and local guidance indicates that it is safe to return. 

Daily operations are largely unaffected, though some slowdown of response is to be expected due to some staff needing to coordinate childcare with their professional responsibilities. To reach anyone on staff, please consult the staff directory.

Are the ESA journals still publishing during the coronavirus outbreak?

Journal submissions are still being received, reviewed, edited, and published as normal, and the ESA editorial office remains open.

Our publishers at Oxford University Press are experiencing some slowdowns in production due to stay-home orders affecting their copyeditors and typesetters in India; we ask authors for patience as our typesetters work as quickly as they can.

How is the pandemic affecting the ESA Science Policy program?

ESA continues to focus on its top policy priorities. Due to the pandemic, the Science Policy Fellows visits to Capitol Hill were conducted virtually.

We are also continuing to respond to requests for information from federal funding agencies on a range of topics and helping to disseminate information agencies are sharing as guidance and deadlines change during this challenging time. 

In August, ESA hosted Entomology Advocacy Week. The week featured daily webinars and conversations with thought leaders and policymakers, and ESA encouraged its members to use Entomology Advocacy Week as a means to engage in outreach by attending virtual events, writing op-eds, speaking out on social media, and contacting their senators and representatives to raise awareness of the important ramifications that advances in entomological science have on public health, the environment, food security, and other issues of national importance. Learn more about Entomology Advocacy Week.

How can individuals interested in the ACE, BCE, or PHE exam take the test while social distancing rules are in place?

ESA is offering vouchers for a remote proctoring service that can work with test takers. To request a voucher, contact ESA's certification programs manager, Willet Hossfeld, at

Alternatively, prospective ACEs and BCEs whose deadline for testing is approaching who wish to wait and take the test with a live proctor once social distancing is no longer in force may request an extension.



Will ESA hold its Annual Meeting in 2022?

The Joint Annual Meeting Program Committee and the ESA Governing Board are closely watching developments with COVID-19 and scientific society meetings around the country. We are currently planning for a hybrid Annual Meeting in which speakers may choose to present in-person in Vancouver or upload a pre-recorded presentation to the virtual platform; attendees from around the world will be able to view recorded presentations.

Learn more about the Joint Annual Meeting



How are the ESA Branch meetings affected by the coronavirus?

You can view all of the Branch meetings for 2022 here.To learn about the COVID-19 Safety Planning by city visit our information page.



Will ESA's leadership and elections be affected by the pandemic?

The rotation of Branch officers is unaffected by the Branch meetings. Each Branch will hold a business meeting to inform members about Branch business and to transition to the next set of leaders.

At the Society level, ESA will hold its elections in the summer as it usually does, and elected leaders' terms will not change.