Pacific Branch Call for Symposia

Your Program Chairs, Erin Wilson Rankin and Anne Leonard, are ready and waiting to hear your thoughts on symposia for the 2023 Pacific Branch ESA meeting April 2-5, 2023 in Seattle, WA  at the Motif Seattle.

All symposium proposals should be submitted online by November 22, 2022. 

We hope to attract a broad range of topics in 2023, so do not hesitate to be creative when considering submitting your ideas. We are particularly seeking symposia that represent the diversity of PB member research, including urban, medical/veterinary entomology, global change ecology, insect conservation and cross-border research.

Last year, attendees submitted many unique and interesting symposium proposals which lead to a successful virtual meeting! We are also particularly interested in symposium submissions that highlight any of the following topics: 

  • Climate-change-related research
  • Urban entomology and landscape ecology 
  • Systematics and genomics 
  • Microbiomes and symbioses
  • Medical and veterinary entomology 
  • Science communication and policy
  • New emerging/invasive pests
  • Use of AI/machine learning in entomological research 
  • Cognition and behavior
  • Entomophagy
  • Chemical ecology and metabolomics of insects
  • Aquatic insects and stream/fish healthy indicators
  • Cross-border research and collaborations

View the recommended considerations compiled by ESA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

If you are interested in organizing a symposium on one of these (or other topics!), please contact the program chairs, Erin Wilson Rankin and Anne Leonard, or submit your idea! We look forward to hearing from you and organizing a meeting you won’t forget!

Submissions should include the following:

  • Session title
  • Summary Statement of the Goal or Concept, and Objectives
    • This statement will be used by the Program Chairs to evaluate the submission. A strong summary statement should include:
      • Topic being addressed
      • Scope of topic
      • Relevance of topic
      • Goal or objectives
  • Symposium Description (50 words or less, required)
    • Provide a short (3-4 sentences) session overview describing what the attendees will take away from your session. Think marketing and edu-tainment. This will be posted in the online program to aid attendees in selecting the sessions that they wish to attend.
  • List of several speakers you plan to invite to participate in your symposium
    • Where possible, include the topic you would like each speaker to address (or title of talk), speaker's career-level, area of expertise, and whether the speaker's participation has been confirmed.
  • Comments for Program Organizers (optional)
  • Total time required
    • 2, 3, or 4 hours
  • Organizer name(s) and contact information


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