Student and Early Career Professional - Science Policy Field Tour Registration Awards

Registration, hotel, and meals up to $500 will be provided to two students and two Early Career Professionals (ECP). Awardee is responsible for transportation to Wenatchee, WA, and to the hotel.  The four awardees (student and Early Career Professional) will be required to provide a 5-minute presentation on the field tour in regard to what they learned and the projected impact on their career .  Presentations will be delivered at the P-IE Session at the 2022 ESA Annual Meeting in Vancouver.

Any student or Early Career Professional (ECP) that is an ESA and P-IE Section member at the time the application is submitted. Student applicants must be currently registered as a Student Member with ESA. Early Career applicants must be registered as either Student Transition or Early Career Members with ESA. For clarification on membership categories, please see ESA’s membership category descriptions. Applicants must indicate on the application form whether they would like to be considered for the registration award.

Evaluation Criteria:
Candidates will be judged using the following criteria and based upon the responses in the application form for a total of 40 points: 

  1. Current role, research interest, and/or stakeholders represented align to P-IE disciplinary areas (link to P-IE Section description) (10 points). 
  2. Knowledge gained from attending the field tour can be applied to a problem in their current role or stakeholders with whom they work (10 points)  
  3. Uniqueness in perspectives and technical knowledge they would bring to the field tour (10 points).
  4. Overall enthusiasm in attending the field tour with a compelling response on the value the tour would bring the applicant (10 points).

Applicants vying for the student or ECP awards will submit field tour applications forms using the same deadline as other member applications.   

The organizers for this meeting will serve as the selection committee.

Winners will be announced at the same time all other P-IE member applicants are selected to attend the field tour.  Upon announcement of being selected to attend the field tour, the applicant would also receive notification within that same communication that their registration has been awarded.



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