2017 P-IE Science Policy Field Tour

Balancing Pest Management and Pollinator Health
August 22-24, 2017

The long awaited Science Policy Field Tour: 'Balancing Pest Management and Pollinator Health', organized in cooperation with Mississippi State University, was executed on August 22–24, 2017 in the Mississippi Delta. The event brought together ESA members and key stakeholders representing 22 states and the District of Columbia. Stakeholder groups included representatives from federal and state public science agencies, policymakers, NGO's, beekeeping organizations, and crop protection and commodity groups. The field tour enabled hands-on understanding of pollinators and the many issues on which they intersect, including: pollinator habitat, pests of pollinators, beekeeping practices, insect pests of economic importance, and row crop production and management. The field tour enabled candid discussions with the goal of learning from the experiences of Mississippi stakeholders that were instrumental in the development of the Mississippi Honeybee Stewardship Program, one of the first programs developed nationally. 

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