Entomology Games - Why You Need to Participate

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Entomology Games?

ESA Branches encourage new teams, minority serving institutions, and departments with non-traditional entomology programs to participate in the Games, starting at the branch level.

Showcase your talent and knowledge in the Entomology Games and get these benefits for free:

  1. Sharpen Your Entomology Skills: The games often mimic real-life scenarios, testing your ability to identify insects, diagnose insect-related problems, and apply learned knowledge in a competitive environment.
  2. Network and Build Communities: The games provide a platform to connect with fellow students, professionals, and enthusiasts with diverse interests within entomology. This expands your network, fostering collaborations and friendships that can benefit you throughout your career.

  3. Develop Competitive Spirit and Sportsmanship: Participating in the games ignites a healthy competitive spirit, pushing you to excel and perform at your best.

  4. Boost Your Confidence and Public Speaking Skills: The games help develop your communication and public speaking skills, boosting your confidence and making you comfortable presenting your knowledge in front of an audience.

  5. Have Fun and Learn Simultaneously: Learning shouldn't always be serious! The games present a unique opportunity to learn in a fun, interactive, and engaging way. They can ignite your passion for entomology and make studying more enjoyable, potentially leading to better academic performance.

  6. Travel Support to the ESA Annual Meeting: The top two teams from each branch will receive travel support to attend the Entomology Games at the Annual Meeting where you will be compete in the ESA Semi-Finals and potentially the ESA Entomology Games Finals. 

Reach out to your branch Gamesmaster for assistance in creating a team.

Eastern Branch Gamesmaster Dr. Patricia Prade
North Central Branch Gamesmaster Dr. Elizabeth Y. Long
Pacific Branch Gamesmaster Dr. Robert Orpet
Southeastern Branch Gamesmaster Dr. Kelly Ann Carruthers
Southwestern Branch Gamesmaster Dr. Joanie King
National Gamesmaster Dr. David Plotkin


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